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In and for the District of Desire;
Short Stories from the Dark Crimes-Of-The Heart Beat

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iTunes 5 star Review

Phenomenal Read!
by Cali over
"Stellar short story read right here! This collection is a page-turner full of mystery and of course- desire! "




     This season it’s bound to be C.M. Chapman’s In and For the District of Desire, a fully loaded docket of stories that cover the crimes-of-the-heart beat from Juvie to Special Victims.

     From loss of innocence on the streets of Chicago, to theft of innocence on a dare; from the breaking and entering of hearts to the obsessive twists of love, In and For the District of Desire updates the dark and bittersweet flavor of noir for today’s reader.

     If books had movie ratings, this one would be a capital ‘R’ with a small ‘x.’ Just the Rx to wash away the dull film of today’s formula fiction.

     It's free-range fiction with a punch; also a slap, a tickle and a kiss on the lips . . . you’ll turn the pages as fast as you can, for the storyline—and the breeze.



Dirk Wyle (Author of Pharmacology Is Murder)
After receiving a review copy of District at a writer's conference, I found this short-story collection very hard to put down. Chapman's tales of early explorations of love have the power to awaken old memories. He approaches the subject with practiced literary style and extreme candor, reminiscent of early Philip Roth and Saul Bellow but updated for the 21st Century. Unique.

by Cali over
Stellar short story read right here! This collection is a page-turner full of mystery and of course- desire!

Graham Chapman 5.0 out of 5 stars Format: iBook
What an excellent read! A combination of short stories that dive into situations you didn't know you needed to experience! If you're looking for a book that'll keep you turning pages- this is it!!! I also really enjoy the fact that with all the short stories, it's easy to pick up and read at anytime! Bravo!

Amazon Customer 5.0 out of 5 stars
In and for the District of Desire
Format: Kindle Edition
The short stories are entertaining and a great way to take a small time out of your day just to be entertained.

Richard & Christine Ramker
4.0 out of 5 stars
Format: Kindle Edition
The house finally emptied and I started on the short stories. The last two really drew me in and I was disappointed when they ended too soon. I was really impressed to see that they are excerpts from novels in progress; interesting characters and story lines, both leaving me wanting more, or at least answers.
I have to say the stories are all pretty dark and disturbing. As I began reading, I couldn't help but be reminded of Rod Serling and the "Twilight Zone"; all very dark and disturbing as well but somehow we kept watching. I have to admit it still creeps me out, and is not my #1 choice of genre, but then neither are slasher films and look how they have become a bloody successful industry. I suppose that if I am to endure some discomfort, then things must end on a high note to have made it worthwhile; I don't feel entertained if I'm sad, grossed out or creeped out or angry without any satisfactory resolution. I do thank the author for these stories and feel lucky to have found them.

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What readers have to say about the collection:
"I would have to say while they are not ‘easy’ reading in that they are somewhat disturbing, they are provocative and remain with you past the final chapter. Very few, if any, heroes, but plenty of flawed characters and situations to which we can relate ("read at your own risk" I would say and that should be a challenge enough to anyone I would think)." Chris R.

The stories start to entertain you on page one. You want to follow the main characters to the end of their journey. to follow the main characters to the end of their journey. Lori R.


Full Disclosure: One of the reviews is by G. Chapman, the son of the author.



In and For the District of Desire; Short Stories from the Dark Crimes-Of-The Heart Beat

The Straits of Chicago

A young boy’s walk home after school unexpectedly takes him from innocence when he discovers a gruesome fact of life literally in the street.

  Nothing much changed after that except everything.

Garrett had seen exactly what people looked like on the inside and caught a glimpse of what they could do to each other on the outside, so the joy of shouting, “San Juan de Fucka!” lost its appeal as did checking the contents of Miz Crimmons’ garbage bin and other preoccupations of childhood.



Freeze Framed


Faced with the volatility of his cousin’s relationship with her husband, Alex stumbles upon an unsettling image as does his cousin when his horror hardens her resolve for revenge.

   Alex ran down the hill back towards the house. To get there he had to cross the jumble of the yard. He jumped over a rusting lawn roller, climbed over a stack of wooden ladders with missing rungs, went around a broken refrigerator with its door torn off, and climbed the steps to the back door. He ran into the kitchen not sure if he was crying or out of breath or just scared.

 There he saw Ronny trapping both of Janice’s wrists in one hand and her jaw in the other while he screamed in her face. Alex ran up and started pounding on Ronny with both his fists. Ronny turned a purple face to Alex and told him to get the fuck out.



Rules of the Road

City teens Garrett and Sharon push a risky street-racing game and sexual daring to the limit to test their courage and their love.

  When he wasn’t paying attention, she would whisper in his ear so softly he couldn’t understand what she was saying. Her warm breath tickled his ears and made him listen more closely, but when he asked, “What did you say?” he only got a change in the pitch of the whisper, as if she changed the subject.

He thought he heard her say dirty words. He thought he heard secrets. He eventually learned to stop asking questions and just listen to the girl whisper.



Spanish Kiss
Garrett starts to see his sexually sophisticated Spanish class buddy, Karen, as more than a friend while she deals with lecherous teachers and life-changing concerns.

   Karen raised her hand high, twisting her wrist round and around for attention. Garrett could clearly see the lace of her black bra through the opening of her sleeveless blouse. He noted how her stretched arm flowed into the round shape of her breast and curved back into the tender flesh usually hidden beneath.
   This, he thought, must be one of those ‘erogenous’ zones he’d read about in Playboy. Seems that not only breasts, legs, rear ends and other widely-known lady parts were considered sexy, but so too were less publicized parts, like necklines, underarms, the backs of knees and even feet! He didn't buy it when he’d read it, but now he could see it. Yeah, this could open whole new worlds to explore.



Candy's Choice

Candy, the new girl at school, causes quite a stir and makes at least one good friend before she gets carried away by the allure of the street.

   THEIR BOOTS CRUNCHED ON PATCHES OF SNOW between the parking lot and the back lot where the school kept the snow plows and mowers. When Candy slipped, Garrett put his hand out for hers. They found it easier to walk with their hands entwined. Garrett noticed that her hand was smaller and rougher than Sharon’s.

 He purposely put Sharon out of his mind and whistled a line or two of the newest Beach Boys’ tune, Sloop John B. That girl-parts could be so much the same, yet so different, had occurred to him before, but holding Candy’s hand while thinking of Sharon’s gave him a shiver that had nothing to do with the weather. To combat it, he held her hand tighter.




Conversation With Orange
A casual affair turns into something else as it come to a climax--or does it?

   The bed was always too small for them. Coupled, they would shoot off its edge to land on her butt. Then be driven across the floor. She scuttling back with him inside.

 Off the bed and across the floor they would go crab-like, scuttling, an especially agile two-backed beast in heat. Sliding over rugs and clothes and stopping only when they hit the corner of the closet across the room with the smell of leather boots and each other in their nostrils. Even then they did not actually stop, her eyes open even wider tick-tocking back and forth searching his.




In the Shape of a Heart

A man, now the father of a teen-age girl, confronts the fatal effects of his youthful experience with a forbidden sexual practice.

He sat back on the box, the trunk open before him. The voice of the rain became more than insistent. His stirring about had unleashed a smell from the trunk. It wasn’t like the smell of air that has been in a tire or the smell of a crawlspace, or mustiness or baking bread or blood.

It was the scent of a decades-old Saturday night. It was the smell of her warm skin that last night. It was the perfume she wore but the way it changed on her skin. It was the smell of the stockings she gave him to take home and hold to his face as he tried to sleep with her in his head.



The Pretty Parade
The Pretty Parade is -an evocative real-time reporting of lost and last loves mourned.

Wrote an early reader- ". . . eerily timely considering what is now happening re. the publicity of famous men and bad behavior. Love how all this interwoven (the lines of remorse w/those of prayer."

  When the world was still black and white, he went often to the movies in Charlotte with mom. The films were more real than the daylight to which they had to return.

He remembered wondering if they were dreams. Could you go into a box of a room where a dream would be given to you like an Eskimo Pie? Someone else’s dream that felt like your own?

His night dreams were not pleasant, but these in the afternoon, when he was napping, or maybe thinking or maybe just having long thoughts, were very nice. Maybe it was the pills, or the drone of the beautiful doctor with the shiny legs. No one cared, especially not him. That pleased him.




In the Dead Cold
Wet Spot of the Night
This longer noirish piece charts a forensic psychologist’s path from concerned counselor to obsessed lover.

   I found her building, the right floor and knocked on the right door. When it opened, it was all I could do not to flinch. She wore a pink fleece hoodie over her shoulders like a cape, a lacy flesh colored bra, sheer panties and blood all over. Even in this town it was a look that would get her noticed.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
   The doorman, who was actually a door-woman, presumed I was Mister Dunne, so who was I to argue. She directed me to the elevator informing me that my arrival would be announced forthwith. I approached Carole’s door trying not to relive the last time I had done so; finding her in her underwear and his blood.
   The door opened before I could ring the bell. This time she was in a clingy silver doublet, black velvet leggings and impossibly skinny high heels. Her hair, returned to a shorter cut, was brushed back from her brow. Guess the wind was blowing again. But which way?



This story was a quarter-finalist in the
2017 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story contest.


In the Matter of Inca Ingalls, the most substantial piece in the collection is condensed from the novel, Avenging Inca. In it we learn the seamy, steamy backstory of how Inca, the bad girl everybody loves to love, loses her head.

   To sit at the built-in desk with its tiny chair, Tobi had to arrange her long legs sideways. Their shiny expanse reminded Officer Elias of a double-barreled shotgun cracked open for safe field-carry. He had the uneasy feeling she might be concealing a weapon with which he wasn’t familiar.

* * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * *

 “Inca headed to the bathroom with the bikers. The two women hurried out of there. Cheryl the bartender yells at Inca that she can’t go into the men’s room. Inca gives her the finger—backhanded over her head.

 "Me and Chris wish there was a hole to crawl into. James sits there for a minute, then he goes to the john door and tries to open it. It’s locked. He twists and pulls and yanks on the knob. ‘Inca! Come on out of there. Inca!’

 "He pounds on the door. Nothing. ‘Inca, come on—do you hear me? Are you all right? Answer me! Inca, answer me!’ Then she said what she said.”

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  "The plot of the “Inca Ingalls” story was particularly intriguing and I’m expecting some answers in the future." Chris R.



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